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Long brief history

Nomenal was founded 3/2014. It was originally founded in 1998 as a sole trader. After a few quiet years, the company changed gears and rapidly kicked things off in 2014 as a limited company.

Mikko Ruokojoki

Mikko Ruokojoki - CEO

I move forward with a positive attitude. I believe that by listening to our customers we can create working solutions.

Markus Ahonen

Markus Ahonen - CTO, partner, UI development

I get excited by great user interfaces, automated systems, and all things that make work and day-to-day life more fun.

Ilkka Elovainio

Ilkka Elovainio - VP of Misc

I have been developing web and mobile stuff for four years now. Things close to my heart include positive user experiences and apps that make life easier.

Sampsa Toivanen

Sampsa Toivanen - Digital Gardener

I cultivate software ecosystems close to the ground: listening, observing, writing, talking; planning, executing, testing and fixing. Let all flowers bloom - within reason.

Visa Palonen

Visa Palonen - Senior Advisor

New economics guru and multichannel business visionary from the dawn age of the internet. As a senior advisor I aim to bring the right amount of consistency and perseverance to our operation. My goal is to continually improve our business together with our customers.

Annamaria Pelardis

Annamaria Pelardis - Graphic Designer

I'm a newly graduated media assistant and an eager learner. In my free time I ride horses.

Contact information

You can reach us by phone  0400 709 319 or
or by emailing us directly.

Billing information

E-Invoice address 003726119245.
E-Invoice operator Maventa (003721291126).

Visit address

Ilmalantori 2, 00240 Helsinki

Mailing address

Halkivahantie 3, 04300 Tuusula

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